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Research Consultant

Job Description:

Our company is a Neuroscience and Sensory Analytics Company with our main focus is to embrace high-end neuroscience technology, virtual reality, machine learning and artificial intelligent in Market Research Practices.
We believe that the future of Market Research is lies on the technological approaches.
Currently we are looking for the best market research professional in Indonesia to join our exciting team as a Head of Qualitative Research.
Job Description:
Qualitative Research

1.1.1              Managing a team of qualitative research under research director guidance

1.1.2              Allocation the load within the team

1.1.3              Directly involve in the personal development of team members

Research Project Execution

5.2.1               Preparing the project budget

5.2.2               Directing and briefing the field vendor before project execution

5.2.3               Performing field monitoring during the project

5.2.4               Performing Group Discussion for qualitative project

5.2.5               Compile and analyze the data and formulate it into report and recommendation

5.2.6               Presenting the end report to the client

5.3              Business Development

5.3.1              Maintaining the relation with existing clients as well as surfing the possibilities to acquire new clients through connections

5.3.2              Meeting and liaising with clients to negotiate and agree research project

5.3.3              Preparing brief and proposal as well as formulating research plans to present to the client

5.3.4              Liaising with Business Development and other related department for formulating the value of the project


We are a team of experienced Marketers, Data Scientist and AI Experts.
Join us in the journey of helping clients adopt high ends neuroscience technologies in Indonesia and across the world