Track Brand Health Online

When 90% of the Indonesian consumers are online, why track your brand’s health offline? Especially when you can measure campaign awareness and brand equity in real-time and not wait for months! And yes, at half of the price!


Here’s a glimpse of a real-time data

We know how important live data is for marketers,so we created an intuitive live dashboard. And with that, you can

Instantly measure the effectiveness of every campaign after its launch
Don’t have to rely on the researchers for the analysis that you need right away
Gauge your brand KPIs and know them on fingertips
We can now quickly test the effectiveness of campaigns right after their launch & whether they are delivering the right message. It's a huge relief as now we don't have to go to research teams and wait for weeks to get that data.

Not just that! You will also get,

Our Online Panel Reach

2 million+Customers
2 million+ Indonesian consumers across demographics and geography.
40 top cities
Covers the top 40 Indonesian cities and is spread across islands
15-55 year old
Includes age groups from 15 to 55 years old
Spread across A, B, and C SES groups across cities.

These brands are successfully

You can do a lot more with the Online Panel!

Concept Test
Pack Test
Idea Testing
Product Testing
TVC Check
U&A studies
Customer Satisfaction

Understand your market, brand performance, and your competitors better than ever before.

Desktop version is coming soon...

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