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About Us


We are Neurosensum – A Neuroscience and AI based consumer research company with a key focus in understanding consumer’s subconscious response using cutting edge tools like EEG, Virtual Reality, Eye Tracking, Reaction Time based applications, Facial Coding etc



At Neurosensum, we believe that with advancement in applied Neuroscience, it is now possible to dig deep into the consumer’s brain for marketers to understand consumer’s subconscious responses to an advertisement, a billboard design, a supermarket tile, or product’s packaging.



We combine tools like electroencephalogram (EEG), Virtual Reality (VR), Eye Tracking, Reaction Time based applications, and Facial Coding.

Our innovative algorithms and state of the art technology combine implicit data with explicit survey data of consumer to give deep insights for your brand.



We believe that our team is our biggest asset. With that in mind, we are always concerned with the development of our human resources.

With our working culture, we want to build a pleasant and positive work environment. Together, we share our ideas, innovations, and concepts to keep in touch with the future of Neurosensum.

“Humane, Fun and Friendly- The Workplace of Today and Tomorrow”